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May 2011 - Worry and Love Cannot Occupy the Same Space

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One critical teaching I would love to imprint into every mother’s heart (and everyone else for that matter) is simple, “Worry and Love do not intermix”. Where there is pure love there can be no worry. And where worry blankets a situation, the Power of Love takes a back seat.

Don’t believe me? Try for just a minute to experience love and worry at the same time. You might find yourself vacillating between the two as you try, but you will never be able to experience them both simultaneously. You don’t have to take my word for it. Instead, why don’t you take the next few minutes and work with the following exercise.

Step One: Invoking the Power of Love
Sit comfortably and begin thinking about something that is easy to love. For this exercise pick something that you are not currently involved in worrying about. One of my favorites is a memory of baking with Grandma. Take the time to remember how everything felt, the smiles, the laughter. Really get into the exercise until such time that you feel the opening in your heart, the smile on your face. Note how you feel, the energy, the power that is accessible to you in this moment.

Step 2: Worry
OK, put Step 1′s memory aside and pick from the lists of worries. For most of us this part of the exercise is easier. Allow yourself to remember why your worried and recount to yourself all the reasons to worry. When you got a good worry going, step back for a moment and check in with the body. How does it feel? Does it feel powerful, capable of handing whatever comes it’s way? Compare this feeling to the one you had during step one. Which do you prefer? Which would you prefer to send out into the world?

Step 3: Go back to the love memory
I don’t ever want to leave you with that worry feeling. Take a minute now and bring back that memory that filled you with so much love, so much power. Allow it to fill you again, and again take the time to notice how it feels.

Many of us have been taught that worry is what you do when you love someone. In fact, what worry does is engorge the situation with more fear, which circulates more thoughts of worry, which in turn invests the whole situation in more fear, which (you get the idea). This worry energy weighs the situation down; it clouds your reasoning mind and greatly decreases your power to resolve any situation.

So what should you do when worry strikes? Well, you can always use love. And if you enjoyed the exercise above then you will really love this suggestion. You can take that worry and place it right in the middle of your love memory. For instance, say that you can invoke the feeling of love by remembering how you loved to bake cookies with Grandma and your big worry is how to pay the mortgage payment due yesterday. You can take that mortgage due notice and bring it into Grandma’s kitchen. See it there, right next to the big bowl of dough, covered in flour. And if the worry energy tries to invade the love memory, let Grandma’s smile shine down on you, reminding you that Grandma’s love solves every problem.

This is one teaching worth practicing every day.

If you’re interested in permanently releasing your habit or pattern of worry, consider a hypnosis session where you can actually delete the root cause of your behavior, and live a worry-free life.

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