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ReincarnationReincarnation: Heal Your Life With Past Life Therapy

By Deborah Lindemann CHT

According to the theory of reincarnation, you may have lived tens of thousands of past lives, maybe more. My clients discover for themselves the profound effect their past lives have had on their current lives. One of the benefits to this discovery is to help heal the past so that you can create a whole new life script.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I often start a session by hypnotically regressing my clients back to the original source of a particular issue, feeling or relationship problem. That source may be in this lifetime or another.

Here is an example of how a past life memory might be affecting you today. In your past life, the love of your life tragically dies before you are married. You develop a belief that you aren’t meant to have a satisfying relationship in your life, and it hurts you deeply. You then carry that unconscious hurt and belief into this life. Every time you get close to the right relationship, your unconscious hurt takes over and you continually demonstrate that belief by sabotaging the relationship. Every time you sabotage the relationship you are unaware that it is you who has done so, and you think, “See, I can never have a positive relationship”, which further reinforces that past hurt. It is healing to discover that there is nothing wrong with you, that you do deserve to have a healthy relationship, and that it was only your unconscious past that kept you from realizing your wholeness.

Going back to the source of the issue can be beneficial in many ways. The first way, demonstrated above, is to simply understand where and how this pattern first began. My clients share that it explains so much and makes such sense. Secondly, you might discover that this pattern, particularly if it is carried over from a past life, really has nothing to do with your current life. It may be affecting this life because you are still unconsciously carrying the emotional trauma connected to the event. It is this unrealized trauma that is constantly recreating the same drama or pattern. Remember, your belief systems create your experiences and your experiences reinforce your belief systems, and it can become a never-ending loop.

A third way that hypnotic regression can heal is to clarify missing pieces of your past. Here’s an example. As an adult you feel deeply hurt because your father left your life at an early age. You felt abandoned and that he could not have loved you. Through regressive hypnosis you discover instead that your father did love you and that his leaving had nothing to do with you.

As children we often erroneously blame ourselves for what happened, and what you do remember was through a child’s limited understanding. Through the eyes of an adult, you are now able to clarify the missing pieces that have shaped your adult life.

There has never been a better time than now to go within, to review and assess what we have created for ourselves and others. You can break these patterns now and begin redesigning and living your life from choice, not hurt.


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