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ReincarnationReincarnation:Illuminate Your Life Through Past Life Therapy

By Deborah Lindemann C.H.T.

Are you toting around repetitive dramas and patterns in your life that will not go away? Do you feel the ripple effects of these dramas drowning your life?

To help you heal a problem or memory you experienced as a child, I will commonly regress you back to the source. Many times my clients report the problem beginning in a past life time. A skeptical therapist might suggest that this “alleged” past life memory is simply a projection of fantasy of your childhood trauma. However, what is more likely is that your childhood issue is a projection of a pattern from your past lives.

As an example, Kay was a woman who came in to see me because of a fear of the dark and claustrophobia. As a child, her abusive father would punish her by putting her into a dark closet. As a child, and even today, she always has to sleep with a nightlight on and her bedroom door open. When I took her back to the source she discovered several lifetimes that ended in being buried alive. Her abusive father in this lifetime also played a role in burying her alive in one of her past lives. She realized that her fearful childhood experiences of being locked in a dark closet by her father were part of the ripple effect of a pattern of fear that began many lifetimes ago.

Once Kay was able to see the problems that her father faced in this lifetime and in his past lifetimes, she had an expanded view that helped her to understand that his behavior toward her had nothing to do with her not being a worthy person. She also could see how her fears of the dark in this lifetime were projected fears from her past lifetime that she no longer needed to carry around with her. With this new reality, Kay was able to forgive her father and begin letting go of her fear of claustrophobia and the dark.

It is important to note that during hypnosis, the wisdom of your unconscious mind will only allow you to remember what you are ready to remember. In regard to recalling a past life death, it is not always necessary to relive it. However, for my clients who do recall or relive their death memories, they tell me it helped them in many ways. They are able to simply observe their death, if they choose to, like watching a television screen without any traumatic emotion. Most importantly, they tell me that as they leave their physical bodies and move into the spirit world to review their lives, this greatly frees them of one of their greatest fears, the fear of death.  In addition, they come away with a new sense of purpose and with the reality of their own immortality.




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