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ReincarnationReincarnation:Many Lives...Many Loves

Deborah Lindemann CHT

Are you troubled or curious about a significant relationship? According to the model of reincarnation, you may have known each other for many lifetimes. Whether you are experiencing unexplained or strong feelings towards your spouse, lover, children, co-workers or even your parents, these past life connections often reveal themselves through regressive hypnosis or past life therapy.

Relationships are complicated at best, but understanding the dynamics of how an issue was set in motion in a past life can give tremendous clarity and healing. Here is a perfect example from one of my recent clients.

A lovely, talented woman (I will call her Sandy) could not explain the ongoing hostile treatment from her husband. She wanted to love him, but somehow was unable to feel that deep love she wanted from a husband. He was over controlling and protective to the point of questioning her whereabouts. She confronted him on many occasions saying, “You treat me like a child!” She had always wondered where that feeling came from. She would try to assert herself and she always felt small and childlike.

In our first hypnotic regression session, she found the source of the problem went back to a lifetime in 1865. Sandy lost her real parents at the age of three. In that lifetime, her current husband was her aunt, or her father’s sister. There was no one else who could raise Sandy. Her husband in that lifetime was a young, single prominent woman in her community. She had her whole life ahead of her, and now she would become shackled with the responsibility of raising a child. Her aunt felt angry. Sandy cramped her lifestyle. Sandy’s aunt never displayed any affection or caring for her in that lifetime, but raised her with great resentment. Because of these responsibilities, her aunt never married.

Sandy now understands the reason why she always feels like a child around her husband and unable to assert herself. In addition she has clarity of where his current anger towards her is coming from. Unconsciously he is still holding great resentment towards her and continues to act over protectively. She now also realizes her inability to love him deeply is bleeding through from her experience of being unloved by him in that lifetime. In hindsight, she feels she may have married him initially because she was unconsciously giving him the spouse that he never had in that lifetime.

Isn’t it ironic that she married him out of an unconscious sense of duty, when duty is the only reason he raised her in their last life together? Perhaps that’s what we call “pay-back” or karma.

For many, past life memories explain so much in what would otherwise seem to be a world without order or reason. Through all the years of working in the field of past life therapy, my clients find that past life exploration gives a why and wherefore to our lives. In many cases, lifelong health issues can be traced back to a traumatic past life experience or cause of death. Once that connection is realized and healed, I see many clients begin to regenerate physically and emotionally.

Phobias and limiting patterns may also have their roots in past life encounters. You are a wonderful holographic composite of all your past experiences.


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