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ReincarnationReincarnation:Past Life Memories

By Deborah Lindemann CHT

In this article I will reveal a fascinating case of mine, demonstrating the healing and transforming power of past life therapy. I will also share some interesting insights on how children naturally recall past lives and often speak in foreign languages.

Stacey is a woman in her late thirties who came to me because she had lost a twin sister two years earlier due to suicide. She was dealing with numerous issues including the grief of losing her sister and blaming herself for not being able to prevent the suicide. In addition, all of her life she had been dealing with a fear of fire and traumatic flashback memories of fire. Traditional psychotherapy had suggested that she was experiencing flashback memories of some type of satanic or ritual abuse.

Stacey shared with me that ritual abuse as a cause never seemed authentic for her. Upon hypnotically regressing her to the source of her fear of fire, Stacey vividly relived what seemed to be her immediate past lifetime, in Pakistan in 1947. This is what she recalled. She died trying to save her brother who was burned at the stake. This experience appears to have taken place at about the time when England granted independence to India. Pakistan broke away from India, which caused civil war and border skirmishes.

Stacey’s brother in that lifetime became her twin sister in this lifetime. In both lifetimes, Stacey blamed herself for not being able to save his/her life. Lessons often seem to repeat themselves from lifetime to lifetime. Stacey now understood the true cause of her fear of fire.

I then hypnotically moved her forward in time past her death and before her birth as Stacey. Those who have read about near death experiences (NDE’s) often speak of seeing their life in review. In hypnosis one can be moved past their death and review the meaning of that lifetime. Stacey was able to discover that it was not her fault that she was unable to save her brother in her past life, nor in this lifetime as her twin sister. Stacey shared with me that she now understands that her sister’s death was part of a pre-birth agreement that would be important to her personal growth in this lifetime.

Since her session, Stacey is free of her fear of fire and has a greater sense of peace and understanding in relation to her twin sister’s death.

Evidence for the existence of past lives is reflected in the rare but true cases where children have spoken in foreign languages. There are several cases where parents witnessed their child dreaming and clearly speaking in a different language, not consciously learned.  Memories of past lives are often experienced in the dream state and some children, just as adults, talk in their sleep. Dr. Ian Stevenson, M.D. is probably the foremost expert in working with children’s memories of past lives.

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