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ReincarnationReincarnation:Past Life Potpourri It’s What’s Brewing Inside You!


By Deborah Lindemann CHT

Many beliefs you have about yourself originated because of how you first reacted or responded to an experience. Those first reactions may have taken place in this life or past lives. These emotions or reactions are the seeds you planted that set in motion a continual cycle of reinforcing what you believe about yourself. Past Life therapy can release those limiting beliefs or fears, and give clarity and insight to your most difficult issues.

The following are a few true case histories from clients I’ve worked with, and are quite typical of the past life causes they discovered for these chronic problems.

Sleep problems: Every night when my female client wanted to fall asleep, there was something that didn’t allow her to let go and relax. In a past life regression she discovered that in ancient Greece, a rapist attacked her while she was sleeping, resulting in unconscious programming that is affecting her now.

Relationship Possessiveness: a gentleman came to me who was destroying his marriage through possessiveness, but seemed unable to control his emotions in this area. In regression, he relived a turn of the century situation in which he was a woman who lost her husband to a younger, more beautiful woman.

Chronic tension headaches and migraines:  A woman who came for help with chronic migraines discovered that she had broken her neck in her immediate past life, from a fall that took her life. Often, this type of health problem will reflect a past life in which a person was stoned, guillotined , hanged or hurt in some way that was fatal to the neck or head.

Depressions or emotional problems: These emotional conditions are often carryovers that trace back to tragedies with strong guilt associations. As an example, one of my clients was understandably grief stricken when her twin sister unexpectedly died. When she examined her depression over her sister’s death, she discovered they were brothers in a past life, and she was unable to save her brother in that life as well. The passing of her twin sister triggered feelings of depression from their previous incarnation together.

Weight problems:  Overweight issues can quite often result from a past lifetime of starvation, or from a lifetime in which the victim’s good looks caused him or her to be hurt or killed.

Birthmarks and physical handicaps:  We seem to carry forward from one lifetime to another a type of emotional blueprint or residue of previous traumas or causes of death. For example, one of my clients had a medium size birthmark across his stomach. In regressing back to a previous lifetime he discovered a sword stabbed him, right where the birthmark is, during a battle in Roman times.

It is important to stress that our positive traits and talents maybe carryovers from our past lives. Discovering the sources for these positive talents and abilities can also be discovered through past life therapy, and be a deeply rewarding experience.

Past life experiences can create layers of fear that smother our true original actualized self. Until we unlock and free these unconscious memories, we continue to act out our lives through the lenses of our past life potpourri.



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