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ReincarnationReincarnation: The Compelling Evidence....You Have Lived Before!

by Deborah Lindemann CHT

In this article I will share some compelling evidence for the existence of past lives. We are all familiar with birthmarks, yet more often than not, we think of them as simply some type of birth deformity. There is growing evidence that these birthmarks may be a type of psychic traumatic residue or memory imprint of a fatal cause of death in a previous life.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, M.D. is considered one of the world’s leading experts in survival after death and the study of past lives. During his active career years he documented over 200 cases revealing the link between birthmarks and cause of death in a past life. Dr. Stevenson obtained many hospital and/or autopsy reports of the previous named personality revealed in a past life session. He found that not only did the injuries occur to the previous named person, but that the bodily areas where they occurred correspond to the location of a present birthmark or deformity. He writes about this in his book: "Where  Reincarnation and Biology  Intersect," Praeger Publishing, 1997.

It is not uncommon for children between two and four years of age to talk matter-of-factly about their previous life. I have met many of these children. Their memory usually begins with names of people they previously knew or places they lived. Many parents discourage this line of talk and unfortunately the memory normally begins to fade about the time they enter school, between the ages of five and eight.

Fortunately with tools like regressive hypnosis, or Past Life Therapy, I am able to help adults recapture many of these important memories which seem to help explain and heal many issues including phobias, relationships and purpose of current life.

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