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ReincarnationReincarnation: Your Relationships May Be Rooted In Your Past Lives


By Deborah Lindemann CHT

Regression is at the heart of the healing power of hypnosis. To heal a current life issue using hypnosis it is important to regress back in time to the source of the problem, whether it is in this lifetime or another.

Ask yourself if you have strong feelings for a significant person in your life. Do you find you’re confronted with a repetitious issue or issues with this person?

A recent case of mine demonstrates quite powerfully how relationship issues may have roots in your past lives. A young woman named Katherine (pseudonym) came for a session to help understand two very strong relationships currently in her life.

She had just ended an eight-year relationship with the father of her child. He had left her for another woman shortly before the birth of their child. They had never married. She acknowledged that Jim (pseudonym) was not good for her and yet every time they broke up she felt herself drawn back to him. She wanted to break that cycle, yet she found it next to impossible to leave him.

Through hypnosis she discovered that in a past life, Jim was her son whom she abandoned. As a result, he died. Without her conscious knowledge of this memory, she was unable to let him go. She felt guilty if she moved forward with her life. She also realized this is why she is strongly protective with their newborn son. Deep within her is the fear that she needs to be responsible and take care of her son, or she might lose him. Now Kathryn understands why it has been so difficult for her to break free of this dysfunctional relationship.

Kathryn also has a strong relationship with a man named Derek (pseudonym). He has been a solid rock for her during her difficult times. In fact, spiritually and emotionally they are so close it is almost as if they are one and the same person. They seem to think in synchronicity and they are the best of friends. It would seem to be a natural progression to enjoy a romantic relationship, and yet it doesn’t seem possible to move beyond friendship.

When regressed back to any important connections that they might have shared in a past life, she discovered that she and Derek were twin brothers. This explained both their close feelings and the unconscious memories that may prevent them from enjoying a male female relationship.

Through past life therapy Kathryn can now make clearer choices about her life.

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