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Newly Released CD by Deborah Lindemann CHT
First Aid For Your Heart, Mind & Soul (CD)

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“Ok, what can I say but…WOW. I have been listening to your CD-First Aid for Your Heart Mind & Soul. The first few days I tried it, I'd fall asleep during some sessions, but then the very next day I started dealing with issues that were really holding me back, and dealing with some long over due family problem that was really troubling me deep inside for many years. I saw a way of dealing with these issues using your C/D and I have finally let go. I JUST LEARNED SOMETHING IMPORTANT FROM YOU ''THE ART OF LETTING GO''.

I can NOW deal with the many issues that have affected my life besides affecting everyone else's. I've learn to forgive from the heart, and it has opened up some blocked areas  in my personal development. And the colors are brighter, and the frequencies are much more in tune. I'm seeing much more now then ever.

Thank you - Deborah
PS--you have a beautiful voice!!!!”

Mike Kehoe - Brooklyn, NY

Forsyth, MO 65653
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