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Here you will find listings of available talks, as well as scheduled public workshops, lectures and appearances for Deborah Lindemann CHT and the Lindemann Hypnosis.

Great Talks & Workshops For Your Club, Organization, Friends & Colleagues

“Motivational, Fun, Uplifting And Informative”

Energize your group. Learn about the power of your mind. Improve your life!

Popular 30 - 60 Minute Free Talks...
If you have a group of 20 or more, either a club/organization or simply a private circle of friends, we offer FREE 30 – 60 minute talks. Below you will find some suggested talks.

Tailored To Meet Your Group’s Needs & Interests

Fit For Life:
Learn how Hypnosis and the power of your mind can keep you lean  and fit for life. Learn how to use your thoughts and the power of self-hypnosis to strengthen your metabolism, improve your self-image and achieve your goals.

Heal Your Body:
Discover how Hypnosis can accelerate healing, manage chronic pain and renew every cell in your body.

Stop Smoking:
Learn how Hypnosis can help you kick the tobacco habit for good in as little as one session, with no cravings and no weight gain, easily and effortlessly.  

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hypnosis: but were afraid to look a Hypnotist in the eye and ask.
What is hypnosis? How does it work? Is it safe? Can anyone be hypnotized? All this and more.

Reinvent Yourself And Your Life:
Use Hypnosis to create the life you love, accelerate confidence, success, motivation and improve your relationships.

Past Lives:
Learn about the concept of Past Lives, how they may affect you, and how to recognize glimpses of your own Past Lives.

Do you have an idea for a half or full day workshop or lecture for your private group?
Call us to discuss your idea or interest. Learn just how affordable our workshops and lectures are.

Check back often for scheduled talks and availability, and feel free to Contact Us for more information or to discuss a talk or workshop.

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