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April/May 2012 - Tales From the Womb

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Did you know that many of your life issues may go back as far as in the womb? Did you know that when you were in your mother’s womb that you didn’t know the difference between your mother’s thoughts and yours? It was like you were just part of her body and you didn’t know the difference. When your mother felt an emotion or had a limiting belief, you thought it was your emotion or belief about life. In addition, many of your life’s decisions or the common patterns you experience in life may have been decided by you while in the womb.

Let me share a few amazing stories from some of my clients recently. A female client came in the other day, I’ll call her Susan, and she had always had big issues with feeling excluded all of her life. Men didn’t seem to stick around for her and she often found she wasn’t invited to various activities. Others perceived her as being needy. She just felt left out. We decided to explore the root cause of that belief through TimeLine Therapy, a light form of hypnosis. Sure enough, it went back to the womb and specifically “during” the birth process.

It made so much sense to her. She shared with me that she had a twin sister and they were both delivered by C section. Susan was born first and laid aside while the doctor worked on delivering her twin sister. During the session she kept saying: “This is wrong, this is just wrong!” She felt separated. This was the beginning of her belief that she felt excluded. The good news is once we cleared the limiting decision in that core event this lifetime pattern was easily and quickly released.

In another recent case a lady, I’ll call her Terry, came in because she always felt unsupported by men. She was always attracted to the unavailable type, or they just weren’t emotionally there for her. We decided to explore where this was coming from and hers also went back to the womb. This happens to be another story about twins as well. It turns out she had a male twin and he died in-utero before birth. This makes all the sense in the world as he was the first male to not be there for her. She felt abandoned by men. After clearing this root cause she easily released that limiting belief.

Just the other day and older lady in her 70’s, I’ll call her Linda, was having a lot of issues with being a worrier. She worried about everything. In fact, it kept her up at night and it was hard for her to sleep. Using TimeLine Therapy once again, we asked her unconscious mind where this decision to worry about everything began. Like the other two clients above, her decision also went back to the womb, specifically to 3 months in the womb.

This too made all the sense in the world to her because her mother was only 16 years old when she got pregnant with Linda, and her mother was naturally worried about being pregnant so young and not even married. Linda was picking up on her mother’s worry and thought it was her own worry. This started a lifetime habit of worrying about everything. Once released in the session she was amazed at how peaceful and trusting she felt about life. Certainly not all issues start in the womb. Other root causes could reside in early childhood and later in life, even cellular memories past down to you from your ancestors, or even past life times.

It always amazes me how various events and decisions made so early in life could shape an entire life. Imagine being able to quickly release these limiting beliefs so you can experience the life you were meant to live!

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