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March/April 2008 - Why Don't The French Get Fat?

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The French dine on baguettes, cheese, pate and pastries, all washed down with plenty of wine -- so why don’t they seem to get fat?

This so-called “French paradox redux” that allows French people to eat all the “forbidden” foods and stay thin while Americans get fatter has been demystified by a new Cornell study.

Researchers found that while the French use internal cues -- such as no longer feeling hungry -- to stop eating, Americans use external cues -- such as whether their plate is empty, whether their beverage has run out and whether their TV program is over.

The study, which analyzed questionnaires from 133 Parisians and 145 Chicagoans, also found that the heavier a person is, the more they rely on external cues to tell them to stop eating, and the less they rely on whether they feel full.

Over time, the researchers concluded, instead of relying on external cues, using your body’s internal cues to tell you when to stop eating may improve your eating patterns. 


There is much discussion today about a term known as: “Mindful Eating”. This is what the French are so good at. You can Google this term online and find out more about it. Here are the basics below on “The Basic Mindful Bite”.

The Basic Mindful Bite

  • As you bring food to your mouth, slow down and become aware of your movements.
  • Once the food is in your mouth, clear your hands. Put silverware or remaining food down.
  • Chew this bite with your mind in laser-sharp focus on the process. Concentrate on the taste of the food and the act of eating. Don't do anything else while you're chewing. Simply chew and pay attention.
  • Keep chewing until the food is uniformly smooth. Use this consistency of the food as a signal to swallow.
  • After you swallow, but before you bring more food to your mouth, rest for a few seconds, thereby inserting a pause into your eating.

I hope you found this article of interest and helpful for your weight release goals. Weight loss is the #1 reason people come in for hypnosis. Hypnosis is a powerful support for your weight loss goals, as hypnosis can reprogram your unconscious mind to truly want to eat healthy, to take your time to enjoy your food, to fill up quicker and to stay away from those unhealthy junk foods. You won’t feel like you’re just using will-power, it will feel more like you truly prefer to eat healthier and in smaller portions.

Enjoy your mindful eating!

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