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2013 Newsletters

December 2013
If You Could See Your Thoughts, Neurotheology’ points the way to better brain function, The Roots of Hypnosis Run Deep

October 2013
Energy Vampires… How To Protect Your Energy, How Resilient are You to Stress? Take the Quick Test, Tip of The Day: Energy Medicine

September 2013
Those Who Eat Breakfast Lose More Pounds, Does Lack Of Sleep Cause Worry & Anxiety?, Why Do We Kiss?

August 2013
Hypnosis Doubles Weight Loss What Research Shows, Sugar Intake and Anxiety, Earthing For Better Health

July 2013
Are You An Angry Person? Take The Test, Poor Sleep and Weight Gain What Do They Have In Common?, What Is Highway Hypnosis?

June 2013
Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight, Do You Believe in Reincarnation?, Positive Lasting Change Through Hypnosis

May 2013
How Much Sugar Do You Eat?, How Negative Cellular Memories Impact Your Health & Happiness, Pet Owners Live Longer Discover Vitamin “P”

April 2013
Are You Addicted To Sugar? (Part 2), Children Are Little Emotional Sponges, Tales from the Womb

March 2013
Are You Addicted To Sugar?, How's Your Foot Chakra?, How Bread Sabotages Your Weight Loss

February 2013
How Motivated Are You?, De-stress by Grounding Yourself!, Love Heals

January 2013
Stop Procrastination……Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions…, Stop Anxiety and Stress Within 90 Seconds!, Lose Weight Drinking Oolong Tea


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