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August 2016
Stop Fear & Anxiety 2 Minute Solution

May 2016
Break Free From Your Emotional Prison, Have You Heard About This Anti-Aging Breakthrough?

April 2016
When Life Falls Apart – 8 Things You Need to Know, Lose Weight with Hypnosis Harness the Power of Your Mind, Have You Heard About This Anti-Aging Breakthrough?

March 2016
3 Startling Facts About Your Memory - Why We Remember Specific Events, Have You Heard About This Anti-Aging Breakthrough?

February 2016
Your Core Values and What You Really Want, The Exciting ASEA Breakthrough!

January 2016
Wipe Away Year-End Blues, 12 Amazing Brain Facts, Have You Heard About This Anti-Aging Breakthrough?

December 2015
The Value of Kindness & Compassion, How Meditation Literally Rebuilds Your Brain

Fall 2015
Can a Simple Hand Trick Improve Your Memory? Do You Have Burned Out Adrenals? Take The Test

Summer 2015
How Stressed Are You? 23 Signs, Does Nostalgia Have a Healing Affect? Healing Your Life With Past Life Therapy

May 2015
TimeLine Therapy - What’s Holding You Back?, Rethinking Cholesterol vs. Saturated Fat, “You’re How Old?”

April 2015
Why Gardening Makes You Happy, Do You Feel Un-Grounded? Unblocking Your Foot Chakras, Benefits of Epsom Salt, You're How Old? You Can Grow Younger!

March 2015
How Your Outlook Can Cause Dementia & Alzheimer’s, How to Spiritually Cleanse Yourself & Your Home

February 2015
7 Ways Chronic Dieting Affects You, How To Dialogue With Your Body & Lose Weight

January 2015
Stop Dieting & Lose Weight - 11 Signs of Diet Backlash, The Benefits of Mindfulness,

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