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ReincarnationReincarnation:Glimpses Of Your Past Lives...

By Deborah Lindemann, C.H.T.

The following is a list of many of the situations people report that may be glimpses of their own past lives. This is by no means a total list, but it will give you some food for thought.

       1. Birthmarks and birth deformities. Example: Common birthmarks, deformities or physical handicaps are often a result of a traumatic or powerful emotional experience in a past life. Birthmarks are often found through regressive hypnosis to be a type of emotional or psychic imprint from a cause of death or trauma in a previous lifetime. It is like an emotional wound or memory that was so strong, it carried through to this lifetime as a sort physically imprint at the site of the cause of death. However, its purpose can also be serving as a spiritual or emotional lesson to balance out past life actions. See my article entitled: The Compelling Evidence....You Have Lived Before!

       2. Children between two and four years of age may talk matter-of-factly about their previous life. One of my clients was sitting with her little 4 year old boy looking through a World War II History book and energetically pointed to a picture of a particular plane and said: "Mommy, I use to fly one of those when I was big!" These are the typical types of statements children honestly may report, however, these types of past life memories usually fade by the age of 6 years, or by the time they enter school.

       3. Fears and phobias. Example: fear of fire, suffocation, heights, animals, etc. Fears and phobias may be linked to past life experiences, particularly when there seems to be no logical reason or cause for this fear from any current life experiences. See my article entitled: Illuminate Your Life Through Past Life Therapy.

       4. Children may talk out loud during dreams and do so in a foreign language. See my article entitled: Past Life Memories.

       5. Strong feelings (good or bad) for a significant person in your life. Strong emotional feelings or reactions to a particular individual are often a sign you've crossed paths before, and that your emotion is directly related to those past life experiences. See my article entitled: Your Relationships May Be Rooted In Your Past Lives.

       6. You meet a stranger and feel you've met before. They seem familiar.

       7. Repetitious patterns or issues in your life. Example: constant rejection, over-eating, double and triple checking locks on doors, etc. See my article entitled:
Heal Your Life With Past Life Therapy.

       8. Health issues. These are often an emotional carry-through from past lives. You can be born with them or it may be triggered at any time by a familiar issue. Example: female problems, weight, digestive weaknesses, heart problems, etc. See my article entitled: Past Life Potpourri: It's What's Brewing Inside You!

       9. Relationship problems or issues with a certain person. Example: Feels like husband is more like a brother than a husband. See my article entitled: Many Lives... Many Loves.

      10. Dreams of being in another time and place. If you find yourself dressed in clothing from another era, or using some type of tools or implements which do not fit our time period, it may be a flashback dream from a previous lifetime. Also notice whether "others" in the dream are also dressed in a similar time period. Often these past life dreams have subject matter that is highly emotional and is quite vivid in detail. They may be triggered by an issue, or event in your life which relates to that past life time. These are dreams which you don't easily forget.

      11. Conscious flashbacks of things which don't fit here and now. Example: lifting a long skirt that isn't there, when going upstairs. Stroking a beard or mustache that isn't there, particularly if you’re a female. If you pay attention, you may periodically find yourself performing certain gestures or actions that do not fit this current lifetime. Unless you're aware, they may go unnoticed. They can take place during quiet meditative states when you are rather oblivious to your actions, or when in a hurry and not aware of what you’re physically doing.

      12. Strong feelings for a certain country, period of time, music or culture. Often my clients will tell me that they "feel so at home" in a particular country or culture. For them it feels like going home, or that they've been there before. It can also manifest as feelings of anxiousness or uneasiness about a certain country or culture. (See # 15 below) Take a look at the furniture and art pieces in your home. Is there a predominant theme from a certain time period or culture that you enjoy or feel comfortable with? And are there ones you really hate and would never consider placing in your home? Is there period music, such as Bagpipe or Native American Indian Flute music, which moves you to tears or that you feel very uncomfortable with for no apparent reason? Pay attention, because these past life hints are all around you.

      13. Feelings of deja vu. Feeling as though this is familiar or you've done this before. See number # 12 above.

      14. Talents and abilities at an early age. Example: gift of music, art, natural proclivities. We have all heard amazing stories of children who display uncanny talents and abilities at a very early age, yet had no training for it in this lifetime. These are most likely carry through talents or abilities from a past life. Take a look at your talents, abilities or strong points. Often it can be something as mundane as your ability to be diplomatic in difficult situations, or your ability to keep everyone calm during a stressful situation. Many of these are learned traits and strengths from previous lifetimes. What have you always seemed to be good at or came naturally or easily?

      15. Unexplained strong likes or dislikes. Example: foods, a culture, a country, a person, etc. See number #12 above.

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